LED street light or LED street lamp for public lighting

    Suneco LED street lamps also called LED street lights are designed and made in China, with emphasis on high energy efficiency, uncompromising reliability and perfect optical light distribution. All these characteristics make Suneco LED street lights ideal for use in public lighting of roads, streets, bicycle tracks, parking spaces, sidewalks, footpaths and others.

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LED street light picture
LED Street lamp
LED Street lamps

LED Street light

LED Street Lights 

a. The light housing adopted aluminum alloy die casting to heat sink, waterproof and dustproof. 
The surface of the light has been treated specially with the anodic oxidation and plastic spraying. 
The whole light meets the standard of IP65.

b. The design of the independent light distribution device control the light that come from LED within the requirement.
 It improved the uniformity of the light effect and light energy utilization that highlight the LED street light energy saving advantage.

c. The product is no glare and no flick t.
 It can eliminate the dazzling, visual fatigue and disturbance aroused by traditional street light.
 It also can improve the safety of the driving.

d. The light adopted streamlining and elegant appearance. 

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